Aquadopp Profiler 400 kHz

Up to 90 m current profiling range; ideal for mean current measurements


  • Up to 90 m current profiling range
  • Ideal for mean current measurements
  • Easy to operate and deploy


  • The Aquadopp Profiler is a highly versatile Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) available in four profiling range options, from < 1 m to > 85 m. Designed for simple yet powerful operation, this current profiler is packed with features used by engineers and researchers to enable accurate and effective hydrodynamic data collection in a variety of environmental conditions.


  • Mean flow measurements with high focus on ease of use and simplicity
  • Measurements in flow regimes with strong variations in flow speeds
  • Studies of tidal currents
  • Measurements of combinations of waves and currents
  • Mounted on surface buoys
  • Suitable for wave buoys
  • Water velocity measurements

    Maximum profiling range 60-90 m
    Cell size 2-8 m
    Minimum blanking 1 m
    Maximum number of cells 128
    Measurement cell position N/A
    Default position (along beam) N/A
    Velocity range ±10 m/s
    Accuracy ±1% of measured value ±0.5 cm/s
    Velocity precision Consult instrument software
    Maximum sampling rate (output) 1 Hz
    Internal sampling rate 2 Hz
  • Echo intensity (along slanted beams)

    Sampling Same as velocity
    Resolution 0.45 dB
    Dynamic range 90 dB
    Transducer acoustic frequency 400 kHz
    Number of beams 3
    Beam width 3.7°
  • Sensors

    Temperature: Thermistor embedded in head
    Temp. range -4 to +40 °C
    Temp. accuracy/resolution 0.1 °C/0.01 °C
    Temp. time response 10 min
    Compass: Magnetometer
    Accuracy/resolution 2°/0.1° for tilt < 20°
    Tilt: Liquid level
    Accuracy/resolution 0.2°/0.1°
    Maximum tilt 30°
    Up or Down Automatic detect
    Pressure: Piezoresistive
    Range 0-100 m (inquire for options)
    Accuracy/precision 0.5% FS / 0.005% of full scale
  • Analog inputs

  • Data recording

    Capacity 9 MB, can add 4/16 GB
    Data record 9*Ncells + 32 bytes
    Diagnostics record N/A
    Wave record Nsamples * 24 + 60 bytes
    Mode Stop when full (default) or wrap mode
  • Data communications

    I/O RS-232 or RS-422
    Communication baud rate 300-115200 Bd
    Recorder download baud rate 600/1200 kBd for both RS-232 and RS-422
    User control Handled via “Aquadopp” software, ActiveX®function calls, or direct commands with binary or ASCII data output