Ultrasonic Anemometer Marine Model 86106

Introducing the YOUNG Model 86106 next generation 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer. The sensor offers high performance and low power consumption in a compact size. It is ideal for the most demanding wind sensing applications

The sensor features durable, corrosion-resistant construction with sensitive ultrasonic transducers secured in a streamlined molded frame. The 86106 is fully wind tunnel tested and calibrated to provide accurate wind measurement over a wide operating range. The standard sensor includes many useful output options. Analog voltage outputs are provided for wind speed and wind direction. 4-20 mA current signals are available for each channel and are well suited for long cable runs or for industrial settings where noise immunity is important. A variety of serial output formats are also available. These include ASCII text, RMYT (compatible with YOUNG displays) and NMEA formats. The sensor installs on readily available 1 inch (IPS) pipe. Wiring connections are made in a convenient weatherproof junction box; special mounting adapters, connectors and cables are not required.

Brochure 86106


Wind Speed: 0 to 75 m/s (0 to 168 mph)
Resolution: 0.01 m/s
Threshold: <0.01 m/s
Accuracy: ± 2% ± 0.1m/s (30 m/s), ± 3% (75 m/s)
Response Time: < 0.25 seconds
Wind Direction: 0 to 360 degrees
Resolution: 0.1 degree
Threshold: < 0.01 m/s
Accuracy: ± 2 degrees
Response Time: < 0.25 seconds
Serial Output: RS-232 or RS-485
Formats: ASCII, ASCII polled, RMYT, NMEA
Baud: 1200, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400
Units: m/s, MPH, Knots, Km/hr
Wind Format: Speed & Direction or U & V
Status Indicator: Standard with ASCII & NMEA
Analog Outputs: 0–5000 mV or 4–20 mA
Analog Wind Scale: 0–100 m/s
Analog Direction Scale: 0–360 or 0–540 degrees
Output Update Rate: 0.1 to 20 Hz
Power Requirement:
10 to 30 VDC, <20 mA typical
Operating Temperature: -40 to +60 ° C
Protection Class: IP65
Dimensions: 29cm high x 11cm wide
Weight: 0.4 kg (0.9 lb)
Shipping Weight: 1.6 kg (3.5 lb)