Vector – 300 m

Sample 3D velocity at up to 64 Hz for small-scale research in coastal areas


  • Small-scale turbulence
  • Sampling up to 64 Hz
  • Small sampling volume for measurements close to boundaries


  • The Vector is a high-accuracy single-point current meter that is capable of acquiring 3D velocity in a very small volume at rates up to 64 Hz. It is widely used for sediment transport applications, small-scale turbulence measurements and coastal engineering studies. It has an excellent track record of delivering outstanding data quality in a variety of applications. This version is suitable for use down to a depth of 300 m. The Vector’s titanium version is suitable for investigating deep- water currents.


  • Wave orbital studies
  • Studies of bottom boundary layers
  • Ocean engineering projects
  • Coastal studies
  • River turbulence
  • Low flow measurements
  • Flux measurements
  • Water velocity measurements

    Maximum profiling range N/A
    Distance from probe 0.15 m
    Sampling volume diameter 15 mm
    Sampling volume height (user-selectable) 5-20 mm
    Cell size N/A
    Velocity range ±0.01, 0.1, 0.3, 1, 2, 4, 7 m/s (software-selectable)
    Adaptive ping interval N/A
    Accuracy ±0.5% of measured value ±1 mm/s
    Velocity precision typ. 1% of velocity range (at 16 Hz)
    Sampling rate (output) 1-64 Hz
    Internal sampling rate 100-250 Hz
  • Echo intensity

    Acoustic frequency 6 MHz
    Resolution 0.45 dB
    Dynamic range 90 dB
  • Sensors

    Temperature: Thermistor embedded in end bell
    Temp. range -4 to +40 °C
    Temp. accuracy/resolution 0.1 °C/0.01 °C
    Temp. time response 10 min
    Compass: Magnetometer
    Accuracy/resolution 2º/0.1º for tilt < 20°
    Tilt: Liquid level
    Accuracy/resolution 0.2°/0.1°
    Maximum tilt 30°
    Up or Down Automatic detect
    Pressure: Piezoresistive
    Standard range 0-20 m (inquire for options)
    Accuracy/precision 0.5% FS / Better than 0.005% of full scale
  • Analog inputs

    No. of channels 2
    Supply voltage to analog output devices Three options selectable through firmware commands:1) Battery voltage/500 mA, 2) +5 V/250 mA, 3) +12 V/100 mA
  • Data recording

    Capacity (standard): 9 MB, can add 4/16 GB
    Data record (Standard) 24 bytes at sampling rate + 28 bytes/second
    Data record (IMU) 72 bytes at sampling rate
  • Power

    DC input 9-15V DC
    Maximum peak current 3 A
    Max. consumption 1.5 W at 64 Hz
    Typical consumption, 4 Hz 0.6 – 1 W
    Sleep consumption < 100 μA
    Transmit power 2 adjustable levels